Monday, August 3, 2015

Welcome to Lebanon Middle School

Helpful Sites:

SOL Help

Educational Voyage Portal

VDOE (newest tests released)

VDOE SOL Tools site. All Grades

All Grades Testing Practice Items @VDOE

IQ Poquoson Quizzes

VDOE site for SOL testing

Reading Sage (Reading, Math and Writing)

Illinois State Testing Page

Reading Help

Online Books and Resources for Literacy

Merriam-Webster dictionary and thesaurus

Lang Arts Learning Skill Builder

English Maven

Kansas Assessment Practice

Storyline  Books read out loud.

Quia Reading IP

Wikis English Also has math

Vocabulary Practice Grades 5 and 6

Reading Web Links

Math and Science Help

IXL Math

Math Playground

Hooda Math

Study Jams

Math Journeys

Discovery Education

7th Grade PortaPortal for Math

SOL Math Resources

J Lab quizzes

Course 2 Online Math

Wolf ram alpha solves math problems and more

Math is Fun

Mean Median Mode Toads

Quia 6th Grade Math

Doctor Genius  Math grades K-6

Mrs. Turner's Interactive Assessment site


BING search engine

Arcademic Skill Builders  (All Subjects)

Geography Games

Quizzes for all subjects

Mission US  (History site)

Soft Schools (all subjects)

Mrs. Tiller's Blog

Xan Lasko's Portaportal (all subjects)

Turtle Diary  (all subjects)

Sheppard Software Math

SOL Pass

Lace's Place  (all subjects)

Room Recess


Literacy: Jefferson Elm

Adaptedmind  Both Math and Reading lessons. Grades 1-8.

Word Game Time

PBS Learning Media

**IQ Poquoson SOL Practice Tests (All Subjects and All Grades)

**Test Nav  ARDT Login for STUDENTS 

**Power Test Login for STUDENTS

**Power Test Login for TEACHERS

5th Grade:

Typing Practice


IXL Math Grade 4 as review  Do any as review

JLab Quizzes

SOL Pass Released Tests  password: lebanon


Multiplication Practice

Brain Pop Jr.  Movie of the Week

SOL Pass Reading Practice Test: Password: lebanon

Plural Noun Construction  Play 3 times.

Rags to Riches  Who, What, When, Where Questions

Grammar Blast

2Bee or Nottoobee  Verbs

Pick a Vocabulary Game

Parts of Speech Quest  Not Easy!

Online Word Search

Poetry Interactive

Figurative Language Quiz  11 questions

Poetry Games 

Take a Trip

Fuzz Bugs Patterns

Brainpop Jr. Movie of the Week

Science and History

SOL Pass  Password:  lebanon 

Math Week 

Math Playground

Hooda Math

Cool Math

Shaun the Sheep Physics Games

Math Time Games

Multiplication Practice Games


The Impossible Quiz

The Impossible Quiz 2

Olaf's Freeze Fall

Reading Week 

ABCya  games (Try Cat Around the World)

Nick Jr. Games

Nickelodeon Games

PBS Kids

Fun Brain

National Geographic Kids

Physics Games




Club Penguin

The Stacks  Scholastic for Middle School

Shark Cam  Watch live sharks in their natural environment on Discovery Channel

Highlights Kids  Reading Games

Switcheroo Zoo  Animal Games

6th Grade 

Mrs. Turner/Dye's Math Class

Mrs. Turner's Moodle Page

J Lab Math Practice Quizzes

SOL Pass Released Tests  password: lebanon


Grade 6 IXL Math Do SOL #6.7   


Mr. Salyer's class last year:

IXL Math  Do any

BrainPop Watch the movie of the week and take the quiz.

JLab Quizzes

Math Match


Mrs. Jessee/Mrs. Dye's Reading Class

Grade 6 IXL Language Arts  Do any 5th grade SOL as review

SOL Pass Reading Practice Test  6th Grade PASSWORD: lebanon

Comprehension Questions 1-10

Rags to Riches  Inferences

Reading Newspaper Headlines Video

Did I Read It or Not Read through the lesson and answer the questions.


Read Theory

Mr. Salyer's class last year:

IXL Language Arts  Do any

BrainPop Watch the movie and answer the REVIEW QUIZ.

Vocab Vic

Word Shark

Word Search

Word Bingo

7th Grade:

Mrs. Woodlief/Boothe's Math Classes:

IXL Math 7  Do Any SOL Number as review.


JLab Quizzes

JLab Released Tests  password: Lebanon

Mr. Salyer's class last year:

IXL Math Grade 7   Do any 


BrainPop Watch the Movie and take the quiz.

IA Test Login 

Sum Dog

Grade 7 Reading  

Mr. Salyers' Class last year:

IXL Language Arts  Do any

Nouns and Verbs

Cat Around the World Strategy


Mrs. Johnson/Smile Class:

IXL 7th Grade Language Arts  Do any 6th grade SOL as review. 

SOL Pass Reading Practice Test  7th Grade PASSWORD: lebanon 

Rags to Riches  Inferences

Parts of Speech Quest  game

Read Theory

Write a Poem about Yourself  Use these 8 Portrait Poems with examples to write a poem about yourself.